Carrollton Community Yoga
Affordable and Accessible

Carrollton Community Yoga is sad to announce we will be moving out of our current studio space at the end of December 2014. Due to a sudden and significant increase in rent, we will no longer be able to sustain that space for our clients.  However, we will have a transitional space in the month of January to complete class packages--More details  to follow.  Angie and Lisa are already talking with Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department about offering Yoga starting in February 2015--more details on that to follow as well. 

We are so grateful for the support we have received from the community since we opened in 2010. Words cannot even begin to express our gratitude. We are attempting to transition through this change with grace and calm as we look forward to new opportunities to share yoga with this wonderful community.





We are friends who want to share our love of yoga with the community. Carrollton, Georgia is a unique small town full of creativity and communal awareness, and our way to contribute is to offer affordable and accessible yoga.

Carrollton Community Yoga is located on 401 Rome Street—just off the square, behind Baxter's Restaurant, with the entrance in the back of the building. Since the studio's opening  in 2010, the central location has become a meeting place for young and old.

Our yoga is not based in a particular belief system; our goal is to bring mindful awareness to the present moment.

With seven teachers, and a wide range of classes, we have something for everyone — the basics classes to learn the foundation poses, the restorative classes for gentle stretching and relaxation, and the mixed–level classes for a slightly more upbeat tempo and challenging poses. We also offer Gentle Yoga and Kundalini Yoga.

No experience, pre-registration, or commitment necessary; just drop in 10 minutes before your first class to fill out our waiver. Your first class is free!